Primary therapeutic approaches

The following links will give you more information about different therapies that I am either trained in, I have found valuable, or both.

ICEEFT – the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy
This is the headquarters of EFT, which is changing how we work with relationships.

 ISTDP – Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy
This site has a good introduction to this approach, which provides a powerful and research-validated roadmap for working with our symptoms, emotions and thoughts.

AEDP – Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy
AEDP is another research-validated therapy that works with Attachment Theory to help develop emotional flexibility and relieve symptoms in shorter time frames than traditional therapy.

Recommended books

It’s Not Always Depression – Hilary Jacobs Hendel
An excellent introduction to the science of our emotions, and how to transform our stuck places.

Hold Me Tight – Susan Johnson
The classic book for understanding the roots of relationship distress.  This should be required reading before anyone steps into a committed relationship.

Emotional Connection – Michael and Paula Regier
This delightful book takes the info and science of Attachment Theory and makes it simple and interesting. A story-based format makes it easy to read and understand.

Iron John – Robert Bly
A classic introduction to men’s emotional and spiritual journey. People love it or hate it, or both.

Come As You Are – Emily Nagoski
A groundbreaking contribution to our conversation about women’s sexuality and healing generations of toxic patterns in our culture.

No More Mr. Nice Guy – Robert Glover
A practical and honest guide for men to reclaim their authenticity in relationship, learn how to truly “show up,” and move toward more genuine intimacy with their partner and themselves.


Educational Websites

Dr. Leslie Korn
She has some of the best information on the internet about how our diet and lifestyle impacts our mental health.

Bruce Ecker and Coherence Therapy
An elegant and shockingly simple approach to changing our deep “emotional learnings” that hold us back and create symptoms.  See the videos link on this page above for a simple tutorial series.

HeartMath Institute
Groundbreaking research on the impacts of our physical heart and how its coherence with our brain can transform our mental, emotional, and physical health.

Courntey Armstrong
Resources for healing traumatic memories, simple and effective.

Wim Hof
Learn to help regulate your autonomic nervous system (which is where chronic anxiety arises) with breathwork, and (for the courageous or crazy) cold exposure.

Internal Family Systems
This approach is an exceptional refinement of classical “parts work” and is helping many, many people navigate their emotional landscape more confidently.



The Journey – Mary Oliver

Wild Geese – Mary Oliver

The Guest House – Rumi

The Man Watching – Ranier Maria Rilke

Start Close In – David Whyte

Last Night As I Was Sleeping – Antonio Machado

If – Rudyard Kipling








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