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Andy Johnston, LPC CMHC

Therapy is one part of my vocation as a healer. In individual therapy, I help people discover their most authentic self, with all their compassion, strength, resilience and joy.  By transforming problematic emotional patterns (traumas) and replacing limiting ideas or beliefs, you have the chance to make real change. We can also work together to help you develop new capacities to live the life you want.  In relationship therapy, I help couples heal and deepen their sense of connection through the research-validated approach of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy.


Unfulfilled / Lack of Purpose

Religious Distress or Spiritual Emptiness

Relationship Distance

Healing from Infidelity

Finding Your Authentic Voice

You are a great therapist, a great listener and teacher, and a great person. I honestly feel our marriage is like a house we remodeled. It’s the same marriage but with some much needed improvements that makes it much easier to enjoy. If we maintain the work we have started, I’m confident that our time with you will lead to the happiest time in our marriage. I can’t imagine how hard a job is to carry all these heavy conversations you must have each day but thank you for being willing to do that.

My sessions were so helpful and I feel so free… You are amazing at listening and deciphering the most important piece or emotion and it was so helpful. My marriage is thriving and I am executing in business and emotionally present more than ever with my family. [My wife] and I just got back from a Monday lunch date and we are having amazing quality time again… Thank you.

I don’t know if you realize just how much of a miracle it is that we are both here and my husband is relaxed enough to interact. And I feel like I have direction now. Before I was sort of overwhelmed by information and sorting through it… Thanks!

You had a fantastic way of  making us both equally feel comfortable to open up about tough things and making sure we felt heard and validated. I will forever be trying to imitate that! You have taught us so much about what real connection is and how to achieve it. We both have a whole new outlook and mindset on what good communication shouldn’t just sound like but what it should feel like. I truly believe the EFT approach is a gamechanger for marriages, as well as anyone looking to deepen their connections with others. 




Office Location

For in-person appointments:

314 W Broadway (300 S) Suite 222, Salt Lake City, UT 84105

Located inside Hearten House, directly above Caputo’s Italian Market.

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32 West 200 South, #143
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